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  • A Quick Lesson on Divergences

    A quick lesson on "Divergences"
    A term we hear often, but what is a divergence when it comes to trading?  The recent price action in LINK/BTC is a good example of a bearish-divergence. What is divergence? Simply put, a divergence refers to a situation where different technical indicators fail to confirm one another. …

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  • Is Alt Season Really Here?

    Coinbase adds Stellar Lumens, Dash rallies, Binance Coin at new highs and the pumps continue. While there are still some good setups out there, I'm getting cautious now.  Technical Analysis update for March 13, 2019.

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  • Top 10 Books for Traders

    Video covering the best books on trading, books for traders, my recommended reading list plus some notable mentions.

    Top 10 Books for Traders: Successful Investor - ONeil, The New Trading for a Living - Elder, How to Make Money Selling Short- ONeil, Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets - Murphey, Encycolpedia…

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  • How To Trade the Inverse Head & Shoulders Pattern

    Key characteristics of the inverse head and shoulders reversal pattern and three ways to trade it.

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  • Welcome 2019!

    The last video of 2018 recapping some notable events of the year as well as thoughts going into 2019.

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