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Bitcoin $3000 Within Reach

In just one week’s time, Bitcoin went from an extreme low of $1800 to a high of $2900 as fears of a hardfork began to dissipate.  I posted a video as the market had bottomed and I called for a change in tone as I had expected the downtrend to be ending.  I also pointed […]


Was That the Bottom?

The cryptocurrency markets have seen extreme selling in the past few days following the larger downtrend we’ve been in since June.  Total market cap has come down from $115 Billion to $80 Billion.  I’ve covered the selling several times in recent videos (linked below) and there is no doubt that the trend is still down.  However, […]

A New Leader Emerging? Antshares (NEO)

It’s during sharp sell-offs and market corrections that I keep a watchful eye for those cryptocurrencies that begin to show strength and leadership on the way up.  As Bitcoin and Ethereum are bouncing, we saw some big movers early on.  The one that has my attention right now is Antshares.  Antshares will soon be rebranded […]

Did Ethereum just confirm a longer term down trend?

The last several weeks have seen extreme volatility and the recent selling in Ethereum is signalling caution ahead! It’s important to watch Bitcoin and Ethereum very closely as they are the leaders that have lead this rally higher so any selling in those two will be amplified by the other altcoins. The first crack appeared on […]

Learn Technical Analysis for Cryptocurrencies

If you’re an investing or trading cryptocurrncies (or looking to get started), you must have a good understanding of Technical Analysis.  Whether you’re brand new to technical analysis or already have a basic understanding and want to increase you skills, this course can help you. How it can benefit you? By learning how to recognize […]

Cryptocurrency 101 Video Course!

I’m happy to announce the release of a new course that’s perfect for those that want to get started with Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. In only 2 hours, this jump-start course will cover everything you need to know about how to get started with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.  You’ll see several live demos and tutorials […]

DASH Breaks Out To New Highs!

DASH had a powerful move up in February which took it from just $17 to over $100. In early March, it began a period of consolidation and DASH pulled back to a low of $45 in early April. This was met with huge volume and was a great sign of support. From that point, DASH […]