Is Alt Season Really Here?

Coinbase adds Stellar Lumens, Dash rallies, Binance Coin at new highs and the pumps continue. While there are still some good setups out there, I’m getting cautious now.  Technical Analysis update for March 13, 2019.


Top 10 Books for Traders

Video covering the best books on trading, books for traders, my recommended reading list plus some notable mentions.

Top 10 Books for Traders: Successful Investor – ONeil, The New Trading for a Living – Elder, How to Make Money Selling Short- ONeil, Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets – Murphey, Encycolpedia of Charts Patterns – Bulkowski , Japanese Candlestick Patterns – Steve Nison, Volume Price Analysis – Coulling, Market Wizards -Schwager, Trading in the Zone – Douglas , The Psychology of Trading – Brett Steenbarger

Others books to consider: Reminiscences of Stock Operator, How to Trade in Stocks – Livermore, One Good Trade & The Playbook Audio Books – Mike Bellafiore, Gil Morales books, Van Tharp books


How To Trade the Inverse Head & Shoulders Pattern

Key characteristics of the inverse head and shoulders reversal pattern and three ways to trade it.


Welcome 2019!

The last video of 2018 recapping some notable events of the year as well as thoughts going into 2019.



Bitcoin Prices Getting Tight!

While BTC & ETH are still undecided, the charts continue to remain in a very tight range and are ripe for a big move (up or down). A handful of the Alts are looking bullish and starting to move. BCH (4hr chart below) has pulled back on the daily after the rally last week and formed a bull-flag just above the breakout point. It’s moving now. ICX is also looking good. A few others on the radar: EOS, LTC, ONT & QTUM.

Check out the latest video update for a detailed breakdown of the charts!


Markets Ready For A July Rally?



Dead Cat Bounce or a New Low in Place?


Bitcoin Will Bottom In April, Here’s Why…

Many believe we are repeating 2014 and the crypto markets are in for a long-term bear cycle. What if we are actually in 2013 and we will see another strong run before the BIG bear is really here? I lay out a case for why I think the markets will bottom in April and why we may be repeating 2013 right now and NOT 2014.



Coinbase to Add Support for ERC-20 Tokens

Coinbase announced that they will be adding ERC-20 tokens to their products. What does this mean and which projects will be impacted? Also, a quick update on Bitcoin, Binance Coin, Icon and Tron.


Pressure Is Building on the Bitcoin Chart