Bitcoin Prices Getting Tight!

While BTC & ETH are still undecided, the charts continue to remain in a very tight range and are ripe for a big move (up or down). A handful of the Alts are looking bullish and starting to move. BCH (4hr chart below) has pulled back on the daily after the rally last week and formed a bull-flag just above the breakout point. It’s moving now. ICX is also looking good. A few others on the radar: EOS, LTC, ONT & QTUM.

Check out the latest video update for a detailed breakdown of the charts!


Markets Ready For A July Rally?



Dead Cat Bounce or a New Low in Place?


Bitcoin Will Bottom In April, Here’s Why…

Many believe we are repeating 2014 and the crypto markets are in for a long-term bear cycle. What if we are actually in 2013 and we will see another strong run before the BIG bear is really here? I lay out a case for why I think the markets will bottom in April and why we may be repeating 2013 right now and NOT 2014.



Coinbase to Add Support for ERC-20 Tokens

Coinbase announced that they will be adding ERC-20 tokens to their products. What does this mean and which projects will be impacted? Also, a quick update on Bitcoin, Binance Coin, Icon and Tron.


Pressure Is Building on the Bitcoin Chart


Chart Analysis to Show How Bitcoin Gets Over $13,000 in March!

After a strong week in Bitcoin, we are approaching the first key resistance zone in the upper $11K range. I think we could see a pullback over the next few days but that will set up a very strong and bullish pattern on the daily chart that could take us as high as $14,000 over the next few weeks.


New Highs In Bitcoin but Alts Remain Weak

I discuss the new highs in Bitcoin as prices moved back over $6000 USD plus give a technical analysis update for Ethereum, Litecoin, NEO & OmiseGo.

We continue to see altcoins dump on bitcoin rallies and many are wondering if we’ll ever see the kind of massive altcoin rally we saw earlier this year. I’ll share my thoughts on the total market cap and bitcoin’s dominance.


Top Books for Technical Analysis

Several of you have asked me for book recommendations on technical analysis and trading.  Here are my top book picks for those wanting to learn more about the topic.

There are many good ones out there so narrowing it down to 5 was no easy task.  It’s also important to keep in mind that while technical analysis is incredibly important to trading, it’s not the complete tool-set.  You must also learn about trading psychology and money management.  Those disciplines are just as important, if not more so.

Finally, remember that technical analysis is a skill that must be applied within the context of the general market conditions.  It’s not just a mechanical set of rules to follow but is often more of an art.  Over time, you will get better at it if you continue to learn and practice.

Here are are my top choices for those wanting to learn technical analysis:

1. How To Make Money In Stocks – William O’Neil

2. Volume Price Analysis – Anna Coulling

3. Japanese Candlestick Charting – Steve Nison

4. Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets – John Murphy

5. Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns – Thomas Bulkowski

In the video linked below, I discuss a little more about each book and why I like it.  I also point out some great titles to consider beyond these five.



Bitcoin & NEO Remain Strong

Bitcoin has risen from the lows of around $3000 in mid-September back to near $4400.  We are now at what was major resistance before the break.  I expect there to be a pause here.  BTC has been riding up a nice channel since around $3500 so any break of that trend to the downside will signal that pause.

NEO has also asserted itself as a leader in this recent rally and continues to shows great strength.  This will be a key week for both Bitcoin & NEO as they are right at resistance points.  NEO however has recently broken out of bull flag pattern and if it gets above 850k satoshi level, we could see another strong leg up to around 1000.

I posted a video recently outlining the key levels I’m watching for Bitcoin, NEO, Ethereum and a handful of altcoins I’m watching here.  In summary, the market remains in bull-mode but a pullback would be normal here.  We’re starting to hear more noise around another coming hard fork for Bitcoin in November and counties around the world continue to sound the alarms on ICOs and Cryptocurrency regulation.  I do not expect that to go away anytime soon.

Below is the latest video with the technical analysis on the coins I mentioned here.