Big Gains Since August 1st!

Since August 1st, we have seen some big gains on many of the names I’ve been covering over the past few weeks.  We’ve also seen some new leaders come to the forefront.

The table below shows the performance for 10 of the top cryptocurrencies I’ve been following recently.  There are many other good ones but I want to focus on some of the leaders.

The % change compares prices as of the close on July 31st against closing prices on August 8th.

In a little more than a week, we’ve seen an average increase of 78%!  By any standards, that is fantastic, even if you have only captured a portion of that.  Several are up over 100% and the laggard has been EOS which is only up a paltry 10% in a week.

Below the table are the recent charts for these 10 and potential support/resistance levels. Many are now consolidating the recent run so some pullback and pausing here is to be expected.  All part of the ebb and flow of the markets.